Summer Literacy Camp

I’m very excited for the opportunity to coordinate a Summer School Program for children in kindergarten through third grade. What I’m most excited about is the freedom to put  into practice my deepest beliefs about what has the greatest impact on student growth and that is to: focus on a child’s strengths, provide choices, and use their interests to engage them in the learning.

Instead of a traditional model this summer school program will have a camp atmosphere with a focus on growth mindset, curiosity,  and nurturing creativity. We will spend time outdoors engaging all of our senses as we explore, notice and look closely. These opportunities will help students develop their observation skills and will transfer to our reading and writing.

Our first week of camp our mentor texts will be The Dot and Ish by Peter Reynolds. In both of these stories Peter Reynolds characters model for parents, teachers and students how to  be brave enough to “make a mark” to get started and if you get stuck you can “ish” it. (This is what I’m doing right now with my first blog post. Friends, I’m a work in progress.)

One of the first things we will be exploring are The Access Lenses, created by  @trevorabryan . The Access Lenses are a powerful tool that help students look for evidence in  pictures/illustrations. The evidence they find allows them to make meaning, increases comprehension and leads to rich discussions. The Access Lenses are a powerful tool because all students experience success and contribute to the conversation. You can learn more about The Access Lenses at Fouroclockfaculty

Dear Students,

You have worked hard all year and the last thing I know many of you  want to do is come back to school over your summer break but wait…

This is Summer Literacy Camp.

Camp is about YOU.







trying new things,

making new friends,

sharing what you love,

creating art,

building confidence,


celebrating your learning.

See you at camp!

DSCF2776 (2) (1)



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