IMMOOC Innovator’s Mindset


“Twenty -first century education is not about the test; it’s about something bigger. My focus is not on whether kids can knock it out of the park on some science test in grade three. What I care about is that kids are inspired to be better people because of their experiences in my school.”

~George Couros– Innovators Mindset

My highlighter was flying across the pages in the Introduction of the Innovator’s Mindset. I found myself wanting to stand up and start cheering. George Couros already has me convinced that with an Innovator’s Mindset anything is possible. Thank you, George!

Reading the introduction validates so many of my beliefs about school, children and what truly matters in education. The relationships we cultivate with students, staff and families is what helps move us forward. When we focus on strengths or use what Gravity Goldberg calls an “admiring lens” we build capacity for change.  I want to be part of the change that creates environments where kids are inspired and empowered to be better people. I want to be part of the change that creates environments where teachers are inspired and empowered to create meaningful experiences for kids.


~George Couros

I understand that I must be “innovative” in my actions if I want others to be “innovative”. This is one of the many reasons I’m here putting myself out there, connecting, collaborating, and sharing with others. This is not an easy task for me. I’m inspired to do this for the kids I get to work with. It reminds me of what we ask students to do everyday….take a risk…be brave and have courage. It is what we hope teachers will be willing to do everyday…take a risk…be brave and have courage to create student centered learning experiences.  To say yes to student voice and choice.To say no to compliance and yes to creativity.

The challenges we face today are vast, deep and wide. Worksheets and compliance will not provide our kids with the skills they need to design solutions to these many problems. I’m here to learn, share and grow in my understanding of how to lead change in schools where the focus is on creating experiences that inspire and empower kids to be better people.

Change is an opportunity to do something amazing.

~George Couros- Innovators Mindset



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