Celebrate Mom and Dad

unnamedI am celebrating today with Ruth Ayres

Today I celebrate my parents and the gifts they have given me. I celebrate the gifts of gratitude, empathy, courage and love.

For the past six years my 92 year old Dad has been the primary caregiver for my 88 year old mom. He has done this without an utterance of a complaint. Preparing meals, shopping, laundry, setting up medication which is no small task as her pill box resembles a small pharmacy. Routines drive the day from morning until bedtime.

On every visit home I was in awe of all he was doing but also fearful as I would think about the two of them alone. Yet they seemed to embrace each moment and dwelled in the present. Holding hands, laughing, driving to church, the theater, and the store. Dad carefully curling her hair with the hot curling brush, methodically setting out her morning pills and breakfast. Serving up Maria Calendars yummiest frozen meals.  A new normal for all of us to embrace.

Six weeks ago my Dad broke his hip. He fell on the basement steps while bringing the plastic Christmas tree downstairs. He crawled up the steps yelling for my mom to call 911. He had hip replacement surgery, went through two weeks recovery in the hospital and is now recovering at home. My brother, sister and I are taking turns being home to help them with this new normal.

Watching my mom cheer my dad on while he works with the home health care physical therapist and listening to her reminders to him not to bend down to pick things up is heartwarming. This morning he made coffee, set out her morning pills and breakfast. My parents continue to unknowingly give me gifts of empathy, gratitude,courage and most of all love.

Today I celebrate my Mom and Dad.

mom and dad 2 (2)



3 thoughts on “Celebrate Mom and Dad

  1. What a beautiful tribute! You are so blessed, and so are they.
    BTW, JoAnne. The link on RuthAyres #Celebratelu doesn’t connect to this page. Perhaps you can edit it or resubmit it. I played around with the url until it got me here. 🙂


      • After publishing your blog post, view it the way any visitor will (not in your editing mode) Copy the url in the address your browser address bar. Paste it in the link. I think you copied it while in editing mode which would be blocked to your visitors.


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